Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions, you may find the answer for yourself

If Link-a-Bord is made from plastic, how can it be environmentally friendly?

Link-a-Bord is normally made from part recycled and fully recyclable uPVC.

Why is there no ‘a’ in Bord?

Link-a-Bord is so simple, we believe the extra letter isn’t necessary!

Why is Link-a-Bord a better choice than wood?

Link-a-Bord is fitted together rather than nailed or glued and unlike wood, does not rot and is also maintenance free.

I can get a cheaper window box from my garden centre, why is the Link-a-Bord option more costly?

Link-a-Bord is double-skinned and maintains a much more stable growing temperature. It is also frost resistant and will protect roots from the elements. Unlike less expensive products, your window box will provide better insulation and will not deteriorate if left in your garden throughout the winter.

Why is double-skinned better than single skinned?

Double-skinned uPVC provides a layer of air between the internal and external sides of Link-a-Bord. This air heats up when the board is exposed to sunlight, and gives the growing medium a ‘buffer’ from the outside temperatures. Strength and resiliance are also important, having air-gaps in the middle of Link-a-Bord keeps it lightweight, making it a much better alternative than wood for those who are less physically able.

What is bowing and why does it happen? How can it be prevented?

Bowing is caused by the pressure of the growing media particularly when wet – the weakness occurs on the straight link. To alleviate this, we suggest that you introduce our ‘stretcher kit’, which is fitted across the construction instead of the straight links on the second and subsequent layers

Where is Link-a-Bord made?

Link-a-Bord is manufactured in the United Kingdom, at our facility in Morton, Derbyshire, UK

I’m a wholesaler, how can I buy large quantities of link-a-bord?

Please contact John Kent Chapman on 01773 590022 or email  for further information.

How do I re-order?

If you wish to reorder please call us and give us your order and contact details or place a new order via our online shop.

How do I order from abroad?

As shipping costs vary from country to country, please email us on We will endeavour to find the most cost-effective method of delivery before despatch, please note that there will be an additional charge for overseas shipping.

How long does delivery take and how much does it cost?

We aim to deliver within 28 working days, the cost of delivery varies on the weight of your order and the where you live on the UK mainland. For orders outside the UK mainland there will be additional costs which we will include in your quote. If you have an urgent order, please contact us by phone so we so we can give you our personal attention – at busy times there may be a slight delay between your order being received and the items being sent out.

How do I receive Link-a-Bord if i’m not going to be at home?

Please make a note of this with your order, giving us instructions on where or how we can deliver your Link-a-Bord. There is a section called “order notes” – enter your instructions and they will be noted on your order.

Where can I see Link-a-Bord in use?

We have permenant installations at the Henry Doubleday Centre, the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales, and on our premises here in Morton, Derbyshire

How do I cut dowels to length?

We would recommend that all dowels be cut with secateurs for safety, however they can also be cut with a Stanley knife or similar sharp instrument.

Can I have a construction to a non standard size?

We can cut and drill the boards to your specified size but have to charge for the additional labour to cut and drill the Kit as well as any other costs incurred  – to obtain a quote and place an order ring us and discuss on 01773 590022

What kind of growing media do I use?

We would recommend any general purpose compost (peat based or peat free) but with the following additions. For every three bags add 1 bag John Innes soil (either no. 2 or no.3) ½ bag of horticultural grit ½ bag of horticultural sand. For better results add blood, fish and bone organic fertilizer (1oz/square yard or 3g /metre)

I have question not answered here, how can I have it answered?

Please call us on 01773 590022 or email us on our contact page on the website.